project proposal template Market research by definition is any organized effort to gather information about customers. It is a very essential element of business strategy. It is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness over competitors. A marketing research proposal provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition and Project proposal template marketing plan examples.

Need help with Market Research and Marketing Research Proposal developing? Are you in trouble with how to reach your market and generate sales? First think, how well do you know YOUR market? Even though you have access to some information in online sources and resources with this aspect, it’s a fact of life that many products are released with little to no prior research at all. It’s not a big surprise then that these products fail to make huge sales and find the perfect project proposal template.
The product makers is left wondering what went wrong when they “knew” they had a sure fire winning idea behind their product.
Does this sound like a common scenario? When you assume that you already know your target market and what they want, then you’ll nowhere to go but fail and will probably earn nothing. However, if you consider doing a research first, before selling your products online, you’ll be sure where your business will lead you to.
We can assist you to do a comprehensive and thorough research and analysis in your niche to ensure you hit the right market. We can help you step by step – from creating a marketing research proposal to executing the research.
As a Business Innovation firm, we can help through a marketing research proposal to make sure that your project proposal template is perfect and marketing plan examples.
It is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques to gain insight or support decision making.
We not help you with the first step, i.e. Marketing Research Proposal but also offer the following Marketing Research Services:


• Brand Assessment / Gap Analysis
• Marketplace / Trend Analysis
• Social Media Audits
• In-depth Interviews
• Polling and Focus Groups
• Shop-alongs, Home Visits
• Brand Documentaries
• Consumer Segmentation Strategies


• Brand Positioning
• Brand Architecture / Program Alignment
• Brand Idea Development
• Triple Value Proposition™
• Naming and Tagline Development
• Messaging and Brand Story Development
• Integrating CSR and Brand Strategy


• Sustainable Innovation Strategies
• Innovation Charettes
• Product / Process / Experience Design
• Opportunity Mapping / Value Planning
• Business Design / Action Planning


• Icons and Infographics
• Sustainable Design Systems
• Interaction Design
• Advertising / Collateral
• Packaging / Promotions
• Motion Graphics
• Content Strategy and Development


• Brand Guidelines / Brand Books
• Brand Launch Programs
• Brand Image Campaigns
• Brand Summits / Workshops
• Interactive Marketing Campaigns
• CSR / Cause Marketing Campaigns
• Social Innovation Campaigns
• Branded Online Communities
• Marketing Communications Planning


• User Experience Design
• Information Architecture
• Application Design and Development
• Content Development
• Content Management Solutions

Feel free to talk to us and share your business plans and insights and we are here to assist you to ensure that you are on the right path while establishing your brand in the business industry.

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